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This means you can’t click on the person name to view their profile in My Site, can’t get the user information summary callout when hovering over the name, and can’t get the user’s presence information. Now this one is from a list with Info Path List Form. having a workflow on the library that runs on document updates, and set the value of a separate User field, and include this User field on the list instead of the one on the Info Path form. Form Library Info Path forms can be deployed via feature activation from a custom solution, or by manually uploading the form to Central Admin, then activating the right feature from the target site collection.To deploy an updated form during development you will need to either redeploy the solution, or re-upload the form to Central Admin.The problem is that creating multiple libraries and developing multiple forms can be costly.Info Path 2007 allows you to publish forms as content types.Note that the left nav and the top link bar are removed from the Form Library (and the global nav is removed from both).The stripped back look of the Form Library may appear to users as if they have left the site.Clicking the new document link above will actually open the upload page and allow the user to browse for documents on his/her local machine. The corresponding link in a list with Info Path List Form opens the New Item Form as you’d expect.

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This is true even if the form shares many common fields.

This means you cannot use Nintex Workflow to update these fields.

This is because the submitted form is stored as an XML document, and the promoted fields contain an XPATH expression to the appropriate elements in the XML document. For example, in a console app, I was able to read the values from the promoted fields but could not set them.

You will need to build custom logic in the form to generate a unique file name for each XML document (i.e. The degree of complexity of this task depends on how you want the file name to be generated.

For example, if it is to be based on the current user ID and the current time, then it is quite straightforward.

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